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How Long Does Divorce Take in Nevada?

Our team often hears how Nevada is the “quickie” divorce state, and we always chuckle. While yes, Nevada has one of the shortest residency requirements for a divorce, which is six weeks, that does not mean the divorce process is quick. Six weeks of residency is what is required just to file a complaint for divorce, it does not mean a quick divorce.

On average, a contested divorce takes six to nine months, sometimes up to a year, or longer in rare cases. The initial court appearance, called the Case Management Conference, usually takes place around three months after the Divorce Complaint is filed. The next court date will be a settlement conference, usually 3 to 4 months after the Case Management Conference. If the parties are unable to settle at the settlement conference, trial is set, which could be another 4 to 6 months out.

However, note that at any time during this process, the parties can reach a settlement agreement and file it with the Court and obtain a Decree of Divorce without having to go (back) to Court.

By Andriea Aden
June 12, 2019

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