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Premarital Agreements

Making clear how assets, debts, and alimony will be distributed in a divorce or separation is an important step to protecting yourself and your assets. We can help with premarital agreements, post-nuptial agreements, and property distribution agreements.


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Premarital/Prenuptial Agreements

Prempartial/Pre-Nuptial Agreements are a way for two parties who are about to be married to protect their assets in the event of a divorce. Like a will, which is only effective upon death, a prenuptial agreement is only effective upon divorce or separation; however, how the parties live their life and handle their assets during the marriage is very much controlled by the prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements can only deal with division of assets and debts and alimony. Prenuptial agreements cannot address any issues related to custody or child support.

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Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial agreements are essential prenuptial agreements that are executed after the parties are married where the parties agree how to divide or classify certain property. Nevada law has slightly different requirements for postnuptial agreements versus prenuptial agreements, so seeking the advice of an attorney to obtain an enforceable post-nuptial agreement is imperative.

Often post-nuptial agreements come in to play when a party is buying a house or received a significant inheritance they want to keep protected.

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Property Distribution Agreements

Property distribution agreements come in to play when you are not married and do not have a domestic partnership, but own property together that you need to divide. Property distribution agreements are more a creature of contract law then family law, but could have implications in family court if the parties also have children together and need to address issues of custody. Family court can address issues of custody and property in these cases.

Call The Law Offices of Andriea A. Aden, Esq., today at 775-622-9245 if you have questions regarding property distribution agreements.


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