Andriea is simply fierce, a word I don’t use everyday but one she’s earned. I found myself in an abominably ugly custody situation for which I suddenly and rapidly needed a NV family lawyer as quickly as possibly. Only good fortune lead me to her practice but Andriea responded to me very very promptly and both understood and cut through an extremely complex situation with powerful precision. She is rare in that she seemed to both get “the real deal” of what was going on very quickly but also never once advised me to pursue litigation, an option I could’ve easily been swayed into due to how egregiously I had been portrayed. My feelings ran very deep and, had I done so, there was probably quite a bit of money to be had but Andriea remained totally focused on solutions which ultimately enabled much more reasonable mediation elsewhere. A far more strategically effective operator than most of us, she’s worth every penny and I cannot recommend her highly enough or better assure you that you are in good hands should you choose to work with her. Thank you so much, Andriea – I am truly indebted to you. –