Andriea is simply fierce, a word I don’t use everyday but one she's earned. I found myself in an abominably ugly custody situation for which I suddenly and rapidly needed a NV family lawyer as


Andriea is an extremely confident and capable attorney who did an exceptional job representing me when I desperately needed it. What impressed me most, however, was her integrity. Despite numerous attempts by


Andriea represented me on a motion to modify child custody. She was thoroughly prepared, and even met with me ahead of time. She asked all the right questions and ultimately, won favorable rulings on all


Andriea is hands down the best family law attorney in Northern Nevada. Having her on your side is like having King Leonidas and the 300 Spartans on your side. She will go to hell and


Andriea took the stress out of my life!! I owe everything to her and her amazing talent in the courtroom. She sped up the process and the settlement I ended up with was more than