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I Did Not Receive All Of The Assets I Wanted In The Divorce & I Want To Go Back & Modify The Decree Of Divorce, What Do I Do?

Nothing. You can do nothing. Property settlements are final and non-modifiable, unless agreed
upon by the parties via a stipulation filed with the Court. There are 2 exceptions to this rule:

1) Unajudicated assets – If there is an asset that was not disclosed at the time of divorce and
was not divided in the Decree, due to either a mistake or fraud, you have three years from
the discovery of that asset to request the Court adjudicate that asset. NRS 125.150(3).
*Note: This must be due to a mistake or fraud. If both parties knew about it and it was not
included, that likely would not constitute a mistake or fraud.

2) There may be a basis to set aside a Decree altogether pursuant to NRCP 60, but this is
difficult to do and extremely rare.

If you have questions on whether you may have a basis to seek a property settlement
modification, contact the Law Offices of Andriea A. Aden, Esq. to schedule your consultation.

By Andriea Aden
June 12, 2019

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